Authorized IBC

Infinite Banking Concept.

I am an “Authorized Infinite Banking Concepts Practitioner”, You can find my name on the Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) Website by clicking here. What exactly does “authorized IBC practitioner” mean? It means:

  • I implement the Infinite Banking Concept in my life and design policies for my clients in accordance with the ethics standards of the NNI.
  • I am one of only a few hundred practitioners in the United States and Canada that have passed the required testing and vetting of the NNI.

Nelson Nash discovered the Infinite Banking Concept and began to implement those principles in his life in the 1980’s. The Concept was codified in his 2000 book, “Becoming Your Own Banker, Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept”. Nelson truly believed that this concept would  change people if only they could discover and implement it in their daily lives

Unfortunately, many individuals have copied this attractive concept, rebranding it as their own. Upon discovering this concept, many newcomers are overwhelmed by all of the noise and conflicting info plastered across the internet. Sadly, many people aren’t able to differentiate between what is and what is not IBC, and wind up with poorly designed policies from agents claiming to practice the Infinite Banking Concept. Clients of Control Capital Solutions can expect customized planning and well-designed policies that allow for ultimate utilization of the Infinite Banking Concept.
Wealth has got to reside somewhere. Where would you prefer to have it reside?” – R. Nelson Nash,
Becoming Your Own Banker, Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept.