WELCOME. I’m Doug MacKenzie, founder and owner of Control Capital Solutions LLC. I was a  long time proponent of the typical financial advice, but always had this lurking feeling that I was gambling with my family’s financial future.

When I first discovered the Infinite Banking Concept, my first thought was “there has to be a catch, this is too good to be true”. I still haven’t found that catch. My second thought was “how quickly can I start doing this”.

My family and I sleep well at night knowing that we’re not subject to market volatility, but more importantly, knowing that we have complete control via unfettered access to our money any day, any time.

As an authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, I show my clients how to implement the Infinite Banking Concept in their lives and regain complete control of their financial future. If you’d like to learn how to implement this in your life, schedule a free no obligation call.